Try hatching a choc-free egg with @TamagotchiUK #ProductReview

By | April 19, 2014

Mmmmm, chocolate and it’s an egg-fest on Easter Sunday isn’t it.

But, how about something that lasts a little bit longer? A little electronic friend that can be nurtured once hatched and will give plenty of fun?

I’m talking about Tamagotchi Friends, these have been re-launched at a reduced price with some pretty funky designs for Easter.


We were sent a whole bundle of goodies to have an Easter party and try out the new Tamagotchi Friends.


I remembered these from when C was about 6, they were the “must have” at school, with little buttons to feed, clean and care for them.

The newer versions have all this and more! These Tamagotchi’s can date and get married! The “bump” facility also means that T, D and their friends were able to send and receive gifts, visit the other’s Tamagotchi, text each other and even get married (something which the girls loved!).


There’s also a Friendship Map, which is a good way of indicating to children that some people won’t necessarily get on with others. The nurturing aspect of the game is a good life lesson too.


Another good aspect of the toy is that it’s very portable, egg-sized so perfect for little pockets and bags when out.

T, D and their friends really enjoyed testing out an alternative to Easter choc, as with everything there is a competitive element but that’s how we roll.

Tamagotchi are available at the reduced price of £19.99 from £24.99 whilst stocks last at the Entertainer, Argos, Toys R Us or Smyths Toys Superstores.

Disclaimer: we were sent Tamagotchi’s and related goodies for the purpose of this review, our words and views are our own.

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