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By | April 27, 2014


When we booked D’s birthday party, she had a couple of stipulations: she preferred a “Glow In The Dark” room for the food (exciting!!) and she wanted to “look like a princess or mermaid”.

D will be 10 in less than a month (10? The time has just whizzed by) and the pink/princess/girlie phase that her peers were well into at 4-6 years just passed her by, she had no interest.

Over the past few months this has caught up with her and we’ve had a few really lovely girlie trips to Claire’s Accessories and such like, looking at headbands, nail varnish and anything glittery.

So, a party dress was in order. We found one on the Next website and I clickety-clicked, only to be informed that there was a ten week delivery time (so, a month or so after her birthday). “Oh dear” is the polite version of what I thought and ordered an alternative too, really nice and purple (I luuuuurve purple) and began the task of gently explaining to D that she might have to wear option 2.

This week the pink (well, I think it’s more peachy colour) dress arrived! It’s here before the purple one and so she’ll have the choice of two with willpower needed on my part to take the other one back (it’s lovely).

She tried it on, swirled and twirled and was a very, very happy girl.

The dress is absolutely gorgeous and you’d think it was a lot more than the price (I bought it, it’s not an item for review btw), the embellishments are lovely:



More pictures to follow her birthday but to see D smiling at her reflection, looking like the princess she wanted to be was definitely a Magic Moment.



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