Self sabotage! #WobblesWednesday,

By | April 2, 2014

Wobbles Wednesday

Welcome to Wobbles Wednesday, our weekly linky for healthier minds and bodies. We have a lovely group of regular bloggers linking up and commenting on each others posts but anyone is welcome to join via the linky below.

As the title suggests, this last week has not been the best week and it’s totally down to me! I’ve felt extremely stressed about the appeal process for T’s secondary school place as well as the ongoing battle/saga for D’s monthly injections and that has resulted in me taking my eyes off what I want to achieve, for me.

It’s silly really, because we won’t know until mid June about the school place so I need to kick myself up the proverbial and realise that it will pass quicker if I’m not constantly thinking about it. The thought of sitting in a room with some bigwigs and justifying our reasoning as to why their school is better for T than the one we’ve been allocated, well, it’s enough to send me diving into my special tin!


The above was my Mothers Day present from T and D and I think it’s great! Naturally it had some contents which I’ve only nibbled one …so far…


I wasn’t going to hop on the scales this morning because I didn’t want to, but after seeing my friend yesterday who has been going to WW in jeans (I have never seen her in jeans) and looking pretty damn good, I did and..

I’ve gained 1lb. Expected and surprised tbh it’s not more.

So, I’m going to go easy on myself and not go “aaaargh” because it’s healthier. But at the same time, keep going but in a reduced steps and all that. Maybe replace 2/3 of my meals with the diet plan and see how that goes.

So, how is everyone else doing? Are we all ready for the Easter holidays (yay!) and the inevitable chocolate (guilty face)? Please grab my badge, link up below and I will read, comment on and share all posts (ideally before 10.30pm next Tuesday) but real life has a tendency to take over at times!!

Have a fantastic week! Jx

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