Phew! And #ThisIsAutism by @trevor1892

By | April 26, 2014

Yesterday and its extreme emotions have passed, today has been a much better one.

It’s been a back-to-it day for Hubbie and T, doing what they enjoy best….watching local football matches.

In the meantime, D and I have had a day of cuddles, of running in from the incessant rain and of vampire bat chat! Yes, one of her “My Animals” books contains a section on bats and it mentioned that some species liked blood.

She’s been quite fascinated but also quite worried about this fact and it’s played on her mind a lot today. We’ve done a fair bit of googling and reading (and reassuring on my part).

She wanted me to put the picture above on the blog (via National Geographic site) because it made her laugh (it looks like one of our cats).

As well as this, D’s (edible) creation:


This Is Autism

Tonight’s guest post is written by Trevor (@trevor1892), who was one of the first “autism fathers” I connected with on twitter. He’d probably like me to mention his love of football, he’s proud to be Irish and a very proud dad to two lads.

This Is Dylan

“Dylan (my son) is a happy 15 year old boy who is at the severe end of the autistic spectrum – he has never had any language. At his age, I’m now having to look into his future care & it’s scary!

Dylan will need lifelong care & I’m not sure adult services in this country will be able to cope with what’s coming their way (in terms of the explosion in numbers of children with autism). As his dad I would love to care for him forever but obviously that isn’t possible….the next few years are going to see big changes in Dylan’s life. In the meantime we will run around the woods, play in the park, go swimming, twiddle leaves & stay awake half the night….cos that’s the way we are 🙂

There isn’t much I would change about Dylan – just one thing actually – I would take away his autism & give him the chance of an independent life; the one thing all parents should want for their children”.


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