Dinosaurs shopping? #Prose4T

By | April 3, 2014

This poem is dedicated to D, O and E and everyone who likes dinosaurs.

They are on display at The Oracle shopping centre in Berkshire.

Dinosaurs Shopping?

If you go shopping in The Oracle today, you won’t believe your eyes…

Come out of the lifts, turn the corner and oh, what a big surprise!

Dinosaurs have arrived,
huge and life-like with teeth.

There’s two of them, in their greenery,
Whilst people travel up and down the escalators beneath.


First up, is the Allosaurus,
He liked his meat, he did.

I wouldn’t have wanted to meet up with him,
I think I’d have run away and hid.


And then there was the Dimetrodon,
He reminded me of my cat.
Liking to take on animals bigger than him, come on then Mr TRex, take that!

The shoppers walked by, some stopped and smiled,
Some took some photos too.

I went to The Oracle to buy a mermaid lunchbox,
and ended up seeing not one dinosaur, but two!

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