That Friday Feeling! 28th March 2014

By | March 28, 2014

I heard D before I saw her this afternoon!

“Mumma” was screeched (but in a delighted way) and D zoomed towards me, at a vast speed, her red coat flying behind her like a cape.

It didn’t take her long to reach me – and nearly knock me over – she’d had a good day and couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

Which she did. Her day had involved receiving a certificate for good, independent Maths work (she loves receiving them) and that had totally made her day.

There was a reminder of just how changes effect her. We saw T whilst we were on our way to meet up and I said “who’s he talking to”, alarm bells inwardly ringing. It was Hubbie and I thought D would be pleased to see him. But no. He was not where he should be and there was a fast, stony-faced walk into (luckily) a service road. Just goes to show that unexpected changes are not met with the emotion that would normally be given.

T was relieved it’s the weekend and, although he doesn’t have a football game to play tomorrow, he will be going to watch one and that seems good enough.

So, all positive.

This Is Autism – experiences and contributors needed:

For April, I’d like to devote part of my diary post each evening to a different parent/carer/individual’s experiences.

It doesn’t have to be a full blown post, it could be:
What they enjoy doing ie. their favourite toy or pastime, or
How they find school, or
Where their favourite place is, or
How you felt on receiving (or not) a diagnosis, or
A rant about anything that could be better, or
Hopes/fears for the future, or
Anything about life under the vast spectrum.

Pictures would be great with anonymity preserved, with age and initial.

If anyone is interested in joining in with this daily feature, please let me know either by leaving a comment or tweeting me.

Any stories (long or short) and pictures can be emailed to me and I’ll let you know when it will be included.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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