Tearful Tuesday – 18th March 2014

By | March 18, 2014

Both T and D usually look forward to Tuesdays, but for different reasons.

T because (if the post is behaving) it’s the day his football magazines arrive and new facts and stats are quickly devoured, he is such a sponge for information and constantly needing to know more. It’s also our time after school where we go and have a drink in Costa (mocha for me, creamy cooler for T) and we chat (sometimes one-sidedly) on the way there and then onwards to collect D.

D usually enjoys Tuesdays because she has trampolining after school, she really enjoys doing star jumps, sit downs and twists on ours so the chance of a bigger, rectangle one at school is always good. Today, however, it wasn’t.

The children all walk down quite a long corridor with a member of staff at the end of the day and, as she’s ticking off people as they’re collected, she’s not with any stragglers. I saw D peeking around a corner and then she disappeared and I – like the staff member – assumed she’d forgotten something from the changing rooms. Staff aren’t keen on parents going down the corridors to get the children (independence creating etc), so I waited….and waited.

It was only when another staff member came past and said D was crying that I was allowed to go down. And she was, poor thing. Proper tears streaming down her face, unfortunately quiet tears otherwise I’d have known sooner. A tired, very emotional D.

It’s a very long day for her, even though (I think) she enjoys it.

The ongoing injections and related “stuff” are taking their toll and the Easter holidays will be a chance to regenerate and no doubt plenty of cuddles!

In the meantime, cuddles were what D needed this evening, lots of them.

She settled with her melatonin eventually but was very “I’ll miss you when I’m asleep, cuddle me more, tighter”. A definitely tired D.

T was a little bit empathetic with his sister and I’d had the chance to fill him in on where we were with the school place appeal, he seemed a bit happier after that but is amazed that he’s Number 49.. Time will tell.

Another day over, I hope everyone’s has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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