Support – Friday 21st March 2014

By | March 21, 2014

I’ve been blogging a diary post type thing for two years now, it doesn’t feel like two years (time flies etc) and you get used to tip-tapping and then scheduling.

One thing I’ve always found is that its therapeutic, a chance to let out feelings and experiences and that’s the reason I enjoy reading other blogs too, to get a sense that someone, somewhere might have have gone through something similar.

I retreated into myself a bit this week, overwhelmed by circumstances and challenges, wishing that they hadn’t landed one after the other, I didn’t want to blog it, I felt it had to put on a facade and do the “everything’s fine” approach.

Until last night, when I joined in with a positivity linky – post here – and instantly felt a bit better. There have been some lovely comments left today too, thank you.

Today has definitely been a case of TGIF and further confirmation that progress, however positive it may seem, is still very much baby steps.

I had an agreement to speak to a doctor at CAMHS today, according to him we’d experienced “crossed wires” but today, a meeting was arranged to (hopefully) try and agree a way for D to refrain from bottling up negativity at school and then releasing it as soon as she sees me. He’d had an email from D’s teacher and we are definitely observing the same things and that is helpful. Sometimes I wonder if CAMHS blame parenting or think I’m exaggerating but if her teacher and I are saying the same, then obviously not. It’s progress.

And the nurse from the hospital finally phoned too. More progress hopefully next week.

Nothing further on the most pressing issue, that of a letter needed for T’s school appeal. This is causing me angst but there’s nothing I can do until Monday. T thankfully has a football match to play and watch tomorrow so he has that as a distraction.

He’s been learning a lot about Space, the planets and solar system this week, he’s been absolutely fascinated by it all and is constantly asking questions and seeking answers. T is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing facts, constantly thirsty for further information.

I think we’re all relieved it’s Friday – below is how our week ended with D cackling away when the popcorn popped – and definitely looking forward to a more positive week next week. I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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