Re-surfacing.. Tues 4th March 2014

By | March 4, 2014

Today was injection day for D, something which was moved from fortnightly to monthly, something that will be ongoing for (at least) the next two years.

She had a school trip this morning, to see The Gruffalo in a stage production, which sounded amazing. She was looking forward to it but anxious that she was going with school and not with me, so much so that she took a little photo of Hubbie and I in her bag for the journey. All very sweet.

However much she enjoyed the trip, it was marred by the appointment this afternoon. I was met with a bolt, some meows (which mean she’s definitely not happy) and insistence that she didn’t want and wasn’t going to have it.

Eventually we got there, amidst stomping (from D, not me, much as I would like to!) and the nurse was very smiley, very friendly and patient. Until it came to the fact that D was twisting and turning and generally being obstructive, poor thing. She screamed so much.

But at least that’s it for another month, every time has been different. We discuss it in advance and I’ll think she’ll understand why the injection is necessary and then the anxieties will build up and up during the day.

T has been a bit anxious today, which is understandable but some empathy would have been useful. We have now had the letter about his school place which states that we have to liaise and appeal directly with the school that T didn’t get into, so that’s the next challenge.

Like I said last night..Buckle up but that’s said with more positivity.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs:shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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