Progress (I think) – Tues 11th March 2014

By | March 11, 2014

Some days I feel like I get nothing done. i don’t mean the day-to-day household bits but “to-do’s” concerning either D or T.

I start most days with a list, a list of who I need to call/email. Invariably I end the day having played telephone tennis/been assured that someone will call back and they don’t. It’s not just me, my timeline can be full of similar SN parents, waiting for a call/email that just doesn’t materialise.

I guess everyone is busy but (harking back to my PA days) a quick call from whoever-it-is office to say “they’ve got your message and they’ll call on xxx” doesn’t take two minutes, does it?

Today I decided that an in-person was called for. I had to pop to the hospital anyway to pick up D’s melatonin prescription as they won’t post it out to save money, but they’re happy for me to spend £4.20 on bus fare and the prescription is only valid for the hospital pharmacy. Hmmm.

Anyway…as I was there anyway, I decided to hand-deliver a letter to the hospital consultant who hasn’t called me back, despite numerous messages left by both myself and the school nurse. Job done and he’s in tomorrow.

So, *tick* and *tick*.

I am so grateful for the backing of the school nurse at D’s school, she has fired off a letter to the doctors surgery and she has also been calling the consultant. She has got further than me because she phoned me this afternoon to call that he is calling her tomorrow! Finally, we might get some answers and an idea of way forward.

And because I was in town, I was a “lady who lunched” too, albeit a coffee and my Diet Chef breakfast as I’d swapped them around. It was nice to catch up.

Tickety, tick, tick.

And T and D? They’ve BOTH had good days.

T happy that he’ll be playing (finally) a football match this weekend, he worked out that it’s nearly 3 months since he has and “that’s a quarter of year, Mum!” He’s been a bit giggly and enjoyed our 1:1 time whilst D had after-school trampolining.

D was tired but happy once we collected her, she’d started her day well, finding a lonely picked (by someone else) daffodil on the pavement on the way to school. She loves flowers and knows not to pick them from gardens and this was just waiting for her. She was extremely pleased.

All in all, a day of achieving little bits and a good one for T and D. Let’s wish for tomorrow being similar (CAMHS chase-up and school place appeal to do).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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