Not so mundane Monday – 10th March 2014

By | March 10, 2014

This morning at first had all the hallmarks of a “oh blimey, it’s Monday morning…again” but I’m pleased to say it got better.

T was absolutely delighted (and that’s an understatement) that he wouldn’t have to take a raincoat to school and D proudly wore one of the hair bands that we bought during yesterday’s girlie day.

It got better too!

D was bubbling over with excitement when I collected her, she couldn’t wait to tell me that she’d been “Star Of The Day” today and she was overjoyed when I told her that our local lovely (but very busy and noisy) soft play centre will be starting to run monthly special needs sessions, starting this week! She can’t wait (and me neither).

That news will definitely get her through the next couple of days, it’s welcomed and an opportunity for awareness raising.

No football training for T tonight but he enjoyed after school football club and is a much happier chappie now that it looks extremely likely he’ll (finally) be playing a match on Saturday.

So, all-in-all a good start to our week, I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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