Inclusion – Weds 12th March 2014

By | March 12, 2014

I strive for not only awareness but acceptance of autism for my children and everyone else on the (wide) spectrum.

We go out to places full of people who aren’t necessarily aware and that’s when the stares, whispers and comments start. Fortunately they (T and D) don’t always notice, but I do.

There are a few wonderfully inclusive places where SN children and their carers can go and just feel accepted. Thames Valley Adventure Playground is one such place and it is fantastic there, a bit far to head to on a school night though.

Our local soft play centre held the first of their monthly SN nights this evening and we went along, along with approximately 30 other children and their carers. All enjoying the atmosphere of a play environment, a place where they could dance to the music, go down the slides and squeal (lots of squealing).

We’ve (yes, me too) been down the steepest, fastest slide ever, it’s not called the Turbo Slide for nothing! We’ve played Kinect and we’ve gone up and down numerous structures (and my bottom didn’t get stuck, always a bonus!!).

Here’s some pictures:

Ball pit play:



The fastest slide ever:



Kinect play:




T even got his “football fix” in the little arena, saving goals from D:



It was great and the next one is on my birthday too (bonus!). D had been looking forward to this all week and T – who I wasn’t sure if he’d enjoy it – was soon smiling and joining in.

I think I’ve found my Magic Moment, my Word Of The Week and my You Are My Sunshine moment, it was great!

A little bit of inclusion has gone a long way for this Mumma tonight.

Thanks for reading Jx

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