Friendship – Thurs 13th March 2014

By | March 13, 2014

I am so grateful that D is in her SN school setting.

When she received her Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the second attempt, we had a choice to make: did we carry on in mainstream education where she was struggling to integrate despite full time TA support; or apply for a place at SN school, where we hoped she’d be more settled?

In short, the choice was exams (in mainstream) or life skills (in SN).

It was a difficult decision but we opted for SN school and the knowledge that she’d be happier within herself and, hopefully, integrate and develop within the smaller class settings and higher staff ratio. She is in a class of 8 pupils with 4 staff.

It’s quite hard to believe that she’s been in that setting for 4 years now and in that time she has flourished. I know I have a little moan sometimes but I know she is in the best place for her.

One thing that was lacking in mainstream for D was friendships, there’d be pupils who tolerated her but understandably they were wary of this little girl who got extremely scared about venturing into a busy classroom environment and would just want to get away from a situation if it all got too much for her. She was very rarely invited to parties/play dates.

When I was childminding when she was in mainstream, I remember feeling very disappointed for her that I’d be passed party invitations for the minded children and have to drop them off and collect them from play dates with D in tow, wishing that she’d been invited too.

It’s so different now, she has a lovely group of friends at SN school, they are go to each others parties and will do drawings for each other. They all feel comfortable in their setting and it’s very obvious, they’re happy. It’s great to see the children at the end of the school day, leaving in good spirits with their transport escorts.

I wrote about a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise for D here and the same boy surprised her with some costume jewellery this morning, that he’d bought from his sister when she was having a decluttering.

D is becoming a very girlie-girl and she’s like a little magpie, anything sparkling/glittering or pink and there with eager little eyes!

She was absolutely delighted and give her little friend a hug and she’s just written a thank-you card for him, which will hopefully make his day, as he did hers today.

More than I could ever have hoped for, friendship for D.


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