The green car game – Weds 12th Feb 2014

By | February 12, 2014

Our school runs are becoming, like everyone else’s, a battle against the elements. Because I don’t drive, it’s a walk – or rather a paddle at times – either going into the strong winds or having them behind us.

We’re having to think up ways of passing the time between T’s and D’s school and making it fun, otherwise poor D will spend the time just wailing in her buggy due to the weather.

If it’s not raining and not too windy, we play the Car Tax Disc game, which D enjoys even more now that we’ve located a vintage car with an exempt disc on route.

Today we devised a new game, the Green Car game.


D loves the advert for a certain insurance company:

Especially the “dum, diddy, dum” jingle and has memorised not only the “dum, diddy, dum” bit but the other bits of the advert too.

We decided that whenever we saw a green car, we’d sing the jingle. D was very specific that it had to be cars, not vans and certainly not buses. I didn’t think we’d see that many, the majority of cars that pass us seem to be silver, but we saw the grand total of 4!

This ensured that a happy, giggling D went into school today.

And a squeal and a run-up greeted us at home time, she’d been “star of the day” today and was very chuffed!

T seems to have had a good day too, he is extremely tired though and very ready for half term next week. He is really missing his football matches though.

I hope everyone’s had a good day, my end picture is a sign I saw in Next today, it made me laugh to myself, thanks for reading Jx


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