The end of the week and my #R2BC

By | February 21, 2014

I’m combining my diary post with my Reasons To Be Cheerful with @ojosworld this week as I think they overlap. A bit of multi-tasking is always good too.

So, what’s made us happy this week?

1. It’s been half term and poor D has been unwell for most of it, this isn’t a “reason” in itself but I’m grateful for the timing. It’s meant that she can receive cuddles on demand and just be close. It’s also meant that any emotional outbursts have been dealt with as they arose and she hasn’t had to store anything up as she normally would at school.

Because D hasn’t been up to it, we’ve spent the majority of the week at home which has been okay, it’s where they’re most comfortable and it’s meant that…

2. This has been done:


Our wind-ravaged fence (which was more down than up and resembled knocked-down dominoes) has been replaced by our fence man who, although incredibly busy, managed to squeeze us in. It’s meant that the cat-chomping dog next door is now firmly away from the moggies and the children which is a relief.

3. The fence (or lack of it) had been causing T some stress, he relies on the trampoline to bounce and self-regulate and, even though afore-mentioned chomping dog was barricaded out of our garden via various bits and pieces, T wouldn’t/couldn’t go out there. Today he’s been outside and came in much, much happier. The benefits are obvious once he’s had a quick bounce.

4. D had had birthday parties to attend two Saturday’s running in soft play centres and coped brilliantly. So much so, that she’d like her party at one!


She’s in the picture above holding a party leaflet which has gone everywhere with her. Her birthday is not until May but she is already extremely excited.

5. We’ve had our fish and chips Friday night dinner and we always go around the table asking what’s people’s best and worst bits of the week. Mine and Hubbie’s are invariably the same but it’s always nice to 1) eat together and 2) chat about our week.

So, whilst our week might not have been mega exciting, there’s been plenty of cuddles and we’ve all been together, that’s the main thing Jx

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xOjox on 22nd February 2014 at 1:00 pm.

It’s half term next week for us, I must admit I’m not totally looking forward to it!
So glad you have your fence fixed, for the animalsand children’s sakes.
Well done on the birthday parties! Absolutely amazeballs, love it xx


Jeannette on 25th February 2014 at 7:57 pm.

Thanks, I am chuffed to bits about the parties. It was very much her way, with little breaks and cuddle time but she did so well and is SO excited for her birthday! X


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