The “big meal” #YouAreMySunshine #MagicMoments

By | February 8, 2014

We all look forward to our Friday night meal for different reasons:

D because it’s her favourite meal, she always wakes up excited about it on a Friday morning and she gets to go and collect it with Hubbie. Usually she’ll be given a fortune cookie in the fish and chip shop too and can’t wait to tell me what it says.

T because he likes chips, they’re practically the only warm food he’ll eat


Hubbie and I because it’s a meal we can all eat together. A rarity with our two children with their differing likes and dislikes.


It’s also a time when we all chat say our best and worst bits of the week. For D, it’s been a challenging week starting with her injection and finishing with a cold; for T, it was another week when the weather has affected the sports that he enjoys so much and for Hubbie and I, a week where our garden took a battering. But we were all there, enjoying our “big meal” as D calls it and thankful we’ve got through the week.

A definite “Sunshine” moment and a bit of a Magic one too.



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LakesSingleMum on 8th February 2014 at 4:42 pm.

sounds like a great idea!


Jeannette on 9th February 2014 at 7:15 am.

Thank you, it’s something that’s become regular and we all enjoy it, for me it’s more about the chatting than the food 🙂


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