I got it wrong (again) – Tues 11th Feb 2014

By | February 11, 2014

I received a classic “I’m not pleased with you and I’ve bottled it up” welcome from D this afternoon.

She came down the stairs with an extremely downcast face and, instead of my usual squealed “Mumma!” and a run-up, she went off in the other direction. This is a major indication that something has gone amiss with her day.

The staff are generally surprised when she’s done this because she’s bottled up whatever emotion she’s saved up for me.

Today it was annoyance. There had been a Valentine’s sale at school with items made by the older pupils and D had had her eye on something she’d seen on the poster. It hadn’t been there and so she’d bottled up her disappointment until she saw me, mixed in with annoyance. This probably sounds very trivial but the literal aspect of D’s thinking had assumed that it would be there, as advertised.

A few bear hugs and some gentle chat established what was wrong and then we were on our way. A sunny walk for a change, but that seems to be short-lived if forecasts are correct.

T was fine when we met him but, after I suggested we take a detour as I’d seen a vintage car with an extempt tax disc (D loves reading tax discs), he got extremely annoyed and we had a silent, stompy protest. All it meant was that we walked along a different side of the road, but that was a change to routine and not well received.

T’s silent protests continued at home and it’s been coupled with a bit of autism see-saw-ing from D.

A new day tomorrow, will be good to her over the “hump” of this week. I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx

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