Bringing a bit of colour into the home with The Gifted Penquin

By | February 24, 2014

I love seeing some colour inside and outside my home. We have a purple (unsurprisingly) garden shed and Hubbie and I met because I wanted the outside of my (previous) little house painted blue. Not a shade of white, blue.

Hubbie is a self-employed painter and the majority of shades he’ll work with are neutral – whites, magnolias, greys – his clients then use those walls as a blank canvas. I prefer to start with brighter colours and work from there. We have a green hallway, blue kitchen, violet lounge. It all makes for a home for us.

The people at The Gifted Penguin sent me an infographic on just how colours can benefit both homes and well-being. I haven’t received any compensation (either product or otherwise) for sharing this, just wanted to.

Courtesy of: Gifted Penguin

There is a great range of suggestions to brighten up a home on their website. For example, I can think of a bunny-loving girl who would LOVE this for her bedroom wall:


And I also think this is fantastic for any cat lovers. Litter is not the most attractive thing to store is it?


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