Brave Bunny – Mon 3rd Feb 2014

By | February 3, 2014

Today was the day D had been inwardly building up to and dreading for a while. The day of her next monthly injection.

Last month’s had been an absolute nightmare with D getting totally stressed out in the room and an unsympathetic nurse who ended up chasing her around the room and jabbing her in the side which hadn’t had numbing cream on.

This time around HAD to be better, for the nerves of everyone concerned.

D was extremely anxious this morning and it was a job to get any numbing cream on her, I’m afraid poor Bunny bore the brunt of it, being purposefully thrown, hurled and dropped. She and Bunny are totally devoted to each other as their enforced separation just before Christmas emphasised so it was a shock to see the innocent Bunnster being treated in that way.

Eventually we arrived and although D was tetchy, we were making humour of as much as we could, there was an information screen in the waiting room and D noticed that all the “catch it, kill it, bin it” flu information screens were the same as in her school.

The nurse called us in and instantly saw that D was anxious, she is very experienced in dealing with SN children (we ensured that we had our appointment with her) and she was quickly using humour (as we still were) to put D at her ease.

I can’t deny there were refusals and a little bit of running but it all went much smoother and it was a prompted “thank you” from D this time as opposed to the screams, tears and potential bolt last time.

There had been an incentive for today and it was D’s choice of some “Big Eyes” mascara. She loves the advert and can quote it verbatim in the same dialect used. It’s been placed firmly in her make-up box and something to experiment with in her own time, within our four walls.

She also chose an Arts and Crafts comic too and it was full of bits and pieces for her to do. She has grown in confidence with these sort of magazines and will happily follow the instructions and achieve great results.


Bunny is relieved today is over too. D didn’t want to wear her sticker (it wasn’t terribly sticky) so we all felt that Bunny deserved it!


A much better day therefore than anticipated and a positive benchmark for discussion for next time, not for four weeks yippee!! Plenty of time for Bunny to recover.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx

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