Bottling it up – Weds 26th Feb 2014

By | February 26, 2014

D got hit at school today, it’s unfortunately unavoidable in a SN school, children have various ways of relieving sensory issues and hitting can be one of them.

Whilst other children might cry out or rush to tell someone, D doesn’t at school, she bottles it all up until she sees me at the end of the day. Then she’ll invariably try to bolt and shout, whilst I administer a big bear-hug and find out what’s wrong. Then she’ll tell me, sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes it takes a while.

I will always gently ask why she didn’t mention whatever incident at the time and she’ll either say “I was too shy” or today it was “I didn’t want to be called a tell-tail”, which indicates to me that she has been called that by someone in school as we’ve never used that phrase at home.

The fact that she does tend to bottle any negative emotion up has been on her IEP (Individual Education Plan) ever since she started in school and will probably remain there for a further while, it’s having the confidence and maturity to say what is happening as it’s happening. Something she has no problem doing at home! Something that CAMHS were meant to be working with school on. Something that hasn’t happened and was indicated as such in a phone message, saying “crossed wires”. Something I’ve been playing telephone tennis about for nearly a week. And breathe…..

The above aside, she’s been happy and bouncy. She always is once the initial whatever-it-is-that’s-upset-her has been established.

T I will write about separately, he has so much going on but he is coping very very well. Proud of him.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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