A party D’s way – Sat 15th Feb 2014

By | February 15, 2014

A long day today, D was kept awake by the extreme winds last night, partly due to the noise that it brought and partly due to anxiety.

Today was another soft play party for one of her classmates, held at the smaller play centre and, as before, she was the only girl in the party.


Because we’ve been to quite a few parties at this venue, D is used to the noise and is also aware that it is a fixed period of time. I’ve found that she’ll be incredibly eager when we first get there with lots of goes down the huuuuge slide and lots of running; then she’ll seek me out (I always tell her where I am) and she’ll keep coming back for cuddles until, eventually, she’ll settle next to me with a book/on her ipad.

The last time we went there, she was too anxious to join in with the party tea and the singing, this time she was there, singing away, it was lovely. Once the formalities of the cake had been done, she requested that we go, it was as if a switch had gone off “I’ve come, I’ve played, I’ve eaten, I’ve sang, it’s ended).

She did extremely well and made me laugh as she’d brought the leaflet from the other soft play centre we were at last weekend for a party and was showing the other parents where she’d be having hers. Nothing like a bit of competition (!), honestly that leaflet has gone everywhere with her this week.

T’s football – both his playing and spectating – was affected and cancelled due to the weather again, he was an initial reluctant accomplice to the soft play area, preferring instead to play football (what else?!) on his ipad. He did have a little play eventually though, but definitely on his terms and in his own time.

So, a successful day, I hope everyone’s has gone well, thanks for reading Jx


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