A bit of pampering for toes

By | February 1, 2014

I feel sorry for my toes this time of year, wrapped up in socks and shoes/boots they pound up and down on school runs, shopping and trips out. Providing a vital service but I don’t appreciate them.

Late Spring, Summer and early Autumn bring them a chance to be free in sandals and at the start of those seasons is generally when I notice that they need a bit of care and TLC.

The opportunity to try out and review some Toe Stretchers popped into my inbox and I was quite pessimistic at first. I wondered if they would work and the price seemed a lot cheaper than others I’d seen online.


So, I’ve got these in my hand, what do I do with them?


Here’s what the website says:

How to put Toe Stretchers On

Get your Toe Stretchers wet by running them under the tap (or you can simply wear them in the bath or shower).

After they are wet, line up the holes in the Toe Stretchers with your own toes. You will have to stretch the Toe Stretchers between your own toes one at a time, starting with the big toe, so each toe is showing through the other side (if you have smaller toes or shorter toes it is ok; just make sure your toes are separated and you feel they are being stretched). Now just sit back, relax.

Note: fitting and adjusting your Toe Stretchers may be cumbersome at first depending upon how tight your toes are. Once you practice wearing them, and your toes stretch, it gets easier to put them on.

Toe Stretchers: Feel The Burn

First time you use them – you will feel a tense stretch. The longer you wear them – the more limber your toes become. If it hurts to wear them for long periods, try doing more frequent, shorter periods during the day. The more you stretch the quicker you realise the benefits.
You are performing a stretch your toes have never experienced before. So it will take time to develop flexibility.

Toe Stretchers go everywhere

Toe Stretchers can be worn while relaxing on the sofa or while soaking in the bath. They can be worn under your desk or on the beach. They pack easily in your luggage and are great to wear after a long day travelling or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Cleaning your Toe Stretchers

Simply clean them with anti-bacterial soap and hot water. They are a non-porous material, so they will not absorb anything.

Toe Stretchers one size fits all”

How did I get on?

I found it a lot easier (as suggested above), to make the Toe Stretchers wet and they were tricky to get on the first time but that was because my poor toes are used to being bundled up in shoes and boots.

The sensation did feel strange at first but the more I’ve used them (normally in the bath), the easier they are to wear and the more flexible my toes feel.

They are very easy to clean and I can certainly feel the benefits after a few regular sessions.

Because I don’t drive and therefore spend a lot of time on my feet, they deserve a little pampering.

Here’s some more information from the website:
“Most adult feet have a host of problems in the form of bunions, high/low arches and general pain and difficulty.

Many of these problems are caused by the muscles and ligaments of your feet stiffening and bunching up. This locks up your feet so your bones and joints cannot move easily which means your foot does not work like it is meant to.

In turn this stiffening up of the muscles in your feet affects your posture and gait.

Unless you are going to have a regular foot massage this can lead to all sorts of problems. And not only in the feet but also up into the hips and lower back and other parts of your body as these areas start to try and compensate.

Toe Stretchers are simple gel-filled bags which fit between your toes and work the toes apart to stretch the muscles of your feet.

Original Toe Stretchers are the best way to stretch the muscles of your feet. They are going to hurt the first time you try them. That is because your feet muscles will never have had a stretch like it before. After using them for a month you will wonder how you ever coped without them.

Toe Stretchers Benefits:

Increased balance, “sure-footedness”, joint range, co-ordination.
Decreased foot pain.
Restore the natural vibrancy and bounce of healthy athletic feet.
Correct bone/tissue/cartilage misalignments.
Improving posture, foot reaction time, stamina.

And Toe Stretchers help treat the following conditions:
Foot Pain
Hammer Toe
Achilles Tendon
Plantar Fascia problems
Varicose Veins
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Toe Stretchers are about the only way to actually stretch your feet.

Are you a runner/athlete/sportsperson/tradesman?

Anyone who spends a lot of active time on their feet benefits from using Toe Stretchers because of the pounding your feet get. If you can improve the suppleness of your feet muscles your feet work more efficiently.”

At a price of £14.95 from the JD Harris website, they are a great price for a product that I didn’t have experience of before, but I’m glad I do.

They also come with a small washable bag so are ideal to take when travelling.

I received a pair of toe stretchers for the purpose of this review but my views are my own. Images used are from the JD Harris website.

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