Soggy Sunday – 26th Jan 2014

By | January 26, 2014

Today should have gone smoothly. There was one main objective and that was of getting T some new school shoes.

T elected for the Clarks in the village as opposed to town as it’s usually quieter but, as the time grew nearer for us to leave, the protests started “why did we have to go today, why did he have to go” etc etc. Which had a knock-on effect on D, which didn’t really assist with getting out of the house and into the rain.

Because D was then apprehensive about the trip, however short it was potentially, there were difficulties getting her into the car and out again at the other end. And all the time it rained.

Eventually (!) we got to the shop, D firmly ensconcing herself into the men’s shoes corner (which caused a few stares) and Hubbie and I took turns alternating between the two.

Whether T hadn’t fully co-operated with previous shoe fittings, I’m not sure but instead of him going up a shoe size (as anticipated), he’s remained the same but gone up two widths.

Anyway, soon done. I’m not sure why Clarks school shoes vary so much in price, our original choice was expensive enough at £36 but the only pair they apparently had in T’s size was £45. And the styles didn’t seem that dissimilar.

Moods improved at home with these:


Little family ice cream sticks and one for Bunny. They are destined for D’s carry-everything-around-with-her bag and should be good for role-play and maybe even asking her (or her ice cream stick) what’s wrong.

A new week commencing and another day closer to D’s next monthly injection, which is already causing her some anxiety even though it is 8 days away. She knows it will hurt, even with numbing cream and there is not a lot I can say to reassure her, other than if she stays still, it will be over quicker (which as any parent of an autistic child knows, is not likely to happen when those mega mega anxieties kick in, however calm they may have been 5 minutes beforehand).

So, that is how we have rolled today, yes, we achieved our main objective but it wasn’t without incident.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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