Pizza Party Dice Game

By | January 1, 2014

I’m always on the lookout for little, ideally portable, games that encourage turn-taking for T and D. The ability to be able to recognise that sometimes game play might not go their way is also a useful tool for life lessons.

I found an ideal game for D’s stocking this Christmas in John Lewis, a game called Pizza Party.. Not only did the game look small enough for her to carry around in her bag of goodies, but it was visually appealing too, D rather likes pizza!


The game is designed for two people to play but obviously more than one pack would increase the numbers who could play and it’s recommended from age 6 plus.

There are ten dice included, with different topping symbols on each side and 40 slice cards.


The idea behind the game is to match toppings on the dice to the separate cards by rolling the dice, re-rolling and re-rolling until one card is complete. The person then says “Mamma Mia” and places the card to the side, takes another card and continues. To make it easier for D, I added in that the played card would be placed face down and that we’d play with the cards already in a pizza shape.

There are varying numbers of symbols on the cards so a younger child could play with just one or two symboled cards to enable them to participate.



I’m never sure if D will engage with rules and turn-taking, it’s very much dependent on her emotions but she really enjoyed this and was soon saying “Mamma Mia” in a very appropriate tone.

I think the game was approximately £6 and it’s something I’d recommend.

The only thing I would add is that the dice are quite small so there needs to be an understanding that the dice should not be put into mouths, but other than that, a really fun little game.

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