Mega Monday – Mon 13th Jan 2014

By | January 13, 2014

I have a little phrase that I use sometimes: the predictable unpredictability of autism. It’s definitely true.

I wrote my blog last night feeling very disappointed for D that the party she’d been looking forward to she hadn’t enjoyed. There were many sensory factors to consider and I gave myself a proverbial boot up the backside and decided that, yes, “tomorrow is another day”, “don’t dwell on the past” etc etc.

And today has been a fantastic day for D, she’s been a happy girl from start to finish. Bouncing into school happily, going up the stairs to her classroom by herself as no TA was there, turning at the top and giving me a little wave (kind of like a reversed Stars In Their Eyes) and off she went.

This afternoon was just as nice, a shouted “Mumma”, a run-up and a body-slam. She couldn’t wait to tell me that her Science teacher was expecting a baby and that she already had three children so this would be her fourth. D is already full of anticipation on her teacher’s behalf. It was lovely to see and hear.

Her positivity continued at home and she and the Bunnster settled well.

Which was fab because…

Poor T received a few knocks to his legs in after-school football and he’s missed training tonight as a result. He bruises very easily and even though he had shin pads on, they’ve come up quickly. Unusually for T, he was dishing out mega-arms-wrapped-around cuddles, normally he’s a put-his-head-on-my-arm-and-wait-for-me-to-cuddle chappie. Hopefully the bruising will be better for the weekend and, potentially, a game (weather permitting).

So, a positive start to the week (bruises aside), I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcome, thanks for reading Jx


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