Initiative – Thurs 23rd Jan 2014

By | January 23, 2014

After the concerns that yesterday’s blog raised, I am feeling much happier with events today.

I had written in D’s home-school diary that we wished to discuss an incident at this afternoon’s Parents Evening meeting but didn’t go into detail as I wanted to do it face-to-face. D was much happier this morning (and ate her breakfast) knowing that the incidences would be discussed.

The meeting went positively, discussing D’s objectives and then time to talk.

We were both very impressed with what D’s teacher had to say. He had had a chat to D, asking in a low key way what had been wrong, she told him, he’s talked to the other class teacher, who in turn has talked to the child and there will be greater observation during play times. D’s teacher will also speak to CAMHS to find out what (if any) strategies they had come up with.

I very much doubt that D would have said anything if she hadn’t been prompted and she hadn’t mentioned what she’d said about making herself ill.

It is a relief that actions have been taken and hopefully, D’s play times will improve. This is always a time when issues can arise as play is unstructured but it shouldn’t be a time that D dreads.

Aside from D needing tight-tight-tight cuddles this afternoon and evening, she’s been a happy girl, personalising her chalkboard wall:


T has had a good, but long day with basketball after-school club. His football game on Saturday has been called off already (!), it would be so good for him to get a game soon.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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