Grooving into 2014 #GroovyMums

By | January 18, 2014

I’ve started 2014 full of positivity, wanting to live life and change things for the better, for both myself and my family.

Kate at has launched Groovy Mums and I’m putting my hand up and jumping in with my muddy (very muddy) boots to join in.


I met two examples of very different thinking last week, all in the space of a few hours:

The first was a lady at the bus stop, moaning, absolutely moaning that the bus was a couple of minutes late. When I suggested that it was maybe due to the recent flooding, roads and bridges are closed and this surely has as much an impact on bus services as much as everything else, she was even grumpier. There are people who have had their homes flooded, who have lost their homes and their livelihoods, a mere two minutes extra wait for a bus is nothing in comparison.

In contrast, the lady in the pink hat I met on my return journey gave me lots of think about.

I’d much rather adopt a glass-half-full attitude and if I’m unhappy about something and can change it, then it should (as long as there is no detrimental impact to others).

Kate posed a few questions in her post, which I’ll aim to answer:

1. To what extent have I lost sight of myself?

I don’t think I’ve lost sight of myself, I’ve more been waylaid somewhat. The last few years have been a blur of medical appointments, diagnosis meetings, school meetings and tears, lots of them. Last year was also incredibly stressful from start to finish. If I didn’t have my blog and my music, I think I’d feel a lot worse.

2. If I have lost my groove, how did that happen?

As with (1) above, I’ve been waylaid. Having two children diagnosed with autism, one in mainstream and the other in SN school, life can be a juggling act. I wouldn’t change it though.

3. What do I want to get out of life in 2014?

I want to feel more comfortable in myself.

I’d like to learn to drive but worry that if I did, I’d drive everywhere because it would be more convenient and I’d be worried about having an accident. I’ve seen how people tailgate and don’t let others through at roundabouts even though it’s their right of way.

I’d like to attend a blogger event.

I would like to learn something for me, either an art course or a musical instrument.

And find more time for Hubbie and I.

4. What are the barriers to me getting what I want out of life?

That would be me. I’m not good at putting myself forward, I don’t like being the centre of attention.

But, I was quite proud of myself this last week, I had a couple of compliments on two separate occasions and instead of blushing and putting myself down, I accepted them.

5. What baby steps could I take this week to move things forward a little?

Writing this post is a start, definitely.

Thanks to Kate for those great questions.

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