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By | January 26, 2014

Better late than never is a good motto, isn’t it. (There is an alternative to that in my Ted Baker purse, a Union Jack one brought out just before the Royal Wedding, which has “Better Kate than never” engraved in the leather inside it. Makes me chuckle sometimes, although it is a bit cheeky.)

Anyway, I’m linking up late with Groovy Mums because this last week has been a bit full-one but it’s been a good one, productive and results-inducing.

I have so enjoyed being out and about in the sunshine this week, it definitely makes the school runs go faster and it’s been nice to see the first flowers attempting to break through the soil. Sunshine is definitely a mood-enhancer, more please.

As Kate says “The key to being a groovy mum is not to accept feeling down but to take steps, even if tiny ones, to change things.”

Something I’m very keen to do, some things may take longer than others but it’s accepting that it is me who is in control and therefore me who can change things. There may be other influences – and there will always be – but predominantly moi.

Kate had Three Groovy Tips, which were also good prompts, these are below, with my answers:

1. Watch something funny on the television. Do whatever it takes to give yourself a giggle. Blog about what made you laugh this week.

There is a programme that if you said to me:
“I want you to watch this, it’s a man dressed as a (quite grumpy) controlling woman. She doesn’t really like her children’s partners and she swears. A lot”.
It wouldn’t automatically grab me but it is hilarious. There is that element of slapstick, the ad-libs which just make it funnier and it is just so well-written.

Mrs Brown’s Boys. I wouldn’t let T or D watch it yet but it’s real LOL in places.

I’ve read somewhere that Brendan O’Carroll works with autism charities too so that’s an additional thumbs-up from me.

Speaking of thumbs, Groovy Tip 2:

2. Indulge your body in a little pampering this week – new haircut, spa day, sparkly nails or whatever. Tell us about it.

After the nail disaster last week (when I was decluttering big time in the garden), I have a very sorry state of nails on one hand. Three nails have been damaged and I have to wait for them to grow out before I can get them manicured again. So, I’ve shortened them all and covered up the damage with some varnish. Hiding it all (ish) whilst they grow the damage out, which will take months.

The bonus I won’t be spending money at the nail bar so that can be put towards the iMac fund.

Colouring my hair always gives me a lift too, it’s usually once a month with a hair colourant from Boots but it’s growing extremely fast at the moment, I bought a “hair energiser” shampoo and it definitely seems to be doing that!

And the final tip:
3. Investigate volunteering on the Do-It website. Wisdom has it that helping others puts our own issues into perspective and gives us the feel-good factor. Volunteering can lead to new skills, fantastic friends, training and employment. You have nothing to lose by checking what is available in your local area or further afield.

Volunteering is something that has always interested me. Our village has a high OAP proportion and the charity shops are jam-packed with volunteers. I will keep my ears open.

I’m always happy to help fellow parents and carers via DMs, emails and texts. Being a SN parent can be isolating and if there is someone who has been through similar experiences and situations, it definitely helps.


Keep Grooving with Kate!

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