Double Standards – Tues 21st Jan 2014

By | January 21, 2014

I’m a concerned J tonight and a slightly confused one.

I mentioned in a previous post – click here to read – about the fact that D’s fortnightly injections have moved to monthly and the fact that I was unable to pre-book appointments. This makes planning extremely difficult as the injections are traumatic for D (to say the least) and they need preparing for.

There is also the issue of the contents of the injection. I was told its £100 per phial which means that our local chemist doesn’t stock it routinely and the get-a-prescription-get-it-to-the-chemist-wait-for-it-to-come in all has to be factored in, every month. The injection then has to be administered by an autism-friendly nurse (there’s only one split between two surgeries), it’s a recipe for administrative failure.

I went into the surgery today to start the process off (getting the initial prescription ordered) and, to my surprise, was offered the chance to pre-book a nurse’s slot. Sssssh!! Was that because I was there in person/explained everything/was pleasant or just “got lucky”?

I don’t know but it goes against what I’d previously been told. This now means that the doctor writing the prescription and the chemist have a deadline to work towards and I’ve been told that, due to the cost, they won’t prescribe more than one phial at a time so…this is how we will roll, every month.

I’m very grateful for everything that the NHS are doing for D, very, and trying not to offload but the double standards with the appointments have made me wonder.

Luckily, as with most things, D is completely oblivious and my priority for her will be to try and ensure anxieties do not completely overtake her on the day. Last time the nurse ended up chasing her around the room and then it went into the side that hadn’t had numbing cream applied.

Everything above aside, it’s been a (mostly) positive day for T and D. They’ve both had reasonable days at school but managed to spar before and after, any time they are together in the same room. BUT it has been extremely nice to do school runs in the sunshine, that always makes things feel better, doesn’t it?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares welcome, thanks for reading Jx


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