Decisions, decisions – Weds 15th Jan 2014

By | January 15, 2014

I love that D is growing up and maturing enough to choose her own clothes in the mornings. For years, she would simply wear what I put out and if I asked her if she had any preference, she’d reply “you choose”.

I’d noticed that D was entering – what I’d term – a “princess phase”, she adores tutu-type skirts, headbands, bracelets, necklaces etc. Something NT girls might “get into” from age 3 or so, D is an extremely tall 9.5 year old so no Disney Princess dresses for her – they’d be too itchy for her anyway.

Today started like any other day, her choosing her clothes and then accessories. She asked me which headband and I suggested one that matched the colour of her t-shirt. Which she happily put on, but then we had a whole myriad of emotions before leaving for the school run. Neither T or I could work out what was wrong, she wasn’t responsive to questions and any second-guessing came to nowt.

Eventually I was shouted at and informed that she’d wanted to wear another headband. Which of course would have been fine but she didn’t have the confidence to express a view at the time. Which is obviously concerning as, if she can’t express an opinion with the people she’s closest to, how will she have the confidence to do so with peers and adults?

Once she had let these latest emotions out, it was a very cuddly girl that didn’t want to leave me when we arrived at school. And this was all before 9am!

Emotions out of the way, D had another good day at school, greeting me very enthusiastically with a “Mumma!” and a run-up. She received another old car tax disc so now has quite a collection.

A tight-tight squeezes afternoon and evening at home, all helped her to feel calm and regulated.

T’s day improved after this morning too, he hasn’t talked much about his school time but his little smile when we met him showed that he was ok.

So, headband issues aside, three-in-a-row, will it be four and then five for a full house? Time will tell.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well. Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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