A Blip and moving on.. #WobblesWednesday

By | January 22, 2014

Wobbles Wednesday

Welcome to Wobbles Wednesday, our weekly link-up for support, hints and recipes for making healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

As the title suggests, I had a bit of a Blip this week but have got over it and recognised it for the moment of weakness that it was. Thorntons Chocolate Brownies be gone! And they are.

I had an extremely busy week last week which no doubt contributed to the Blip, I was taking down one trampoline, putting up another, filling a Hippobag and generally getting very muddy, whilst breaking a few nails (down to the nail bed) in the process, I also managed to nearly saw the tip of a finger off (as you do). Hence the fact I didn’t finish commenting and sharing posts until yesterday, apologies. I will be more timely this week.

I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts and anyone is welcome to link up, the more support the merrier.

It is always very helpful to read other people’s accounts of how they’ve managed to transform themselves and I picked up a couple of books this week which I am hoping to read and share my views on them in future weeks.


There was a vast range of “diet” books to choose from, but the two above stood out for me, primarily because they both focus on mindset, which is so important for making those healthier choices. Josie Gibson has successfully proved that she can transform her body and mindset and I read about Paul McKenna’s book a few weeks ago.


I’ve also been sent a selection of low cal/low fat/low gluten noodles, pasta and rice to try out by EatWater.co.uk, I previously reviewed some noodles (here), so am looking forward to cooking with the other varieties and sharing my views.

So, my aims for the next week are:

To hopefully avoid any further “blips”, but if they happen, I’m human and move on.

To drink more water. I didn’t drink enough last week and felt sluggish.

To keep being positive, I have a lot to be grateful for.

I’m also going to jump on a set of scales, which although I can feel I’m achieving, it would be nice to see numbers.

So, please use the linky below to add in your posts and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing Jx

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