“You’re the best Mumma”…sometimes Thurs 19th Dec 2013

By | December 19, 2013

“You’re the best Mumma in the world” was how D greeted me this afternoon, after a squealy run-up and a bear hug.

It was lovely, but it wasn’t how I left her late morning, in fact her mood had been the complete opposite.

This morning had been time for another yucky injection, I had put numbing cream on the area beforehand as a placebo (having been told by the nurse it would make no difference) and D was okay(ish) until she saw the needle. She started flaying around like an extra-long and very strong fish. It took me, a play nurse and another nurse to hold her into position before yet another nurse administered it.

Needless to say, I was not popular with a very annoyed D and she managed to hold it together until part of the Hubbie-driven car journey to school when she had a mini-meltdown. Her agitated state continued going into school and by now I was being kicked too. Eventually she was on her way to class aided by staff and I did the “walk of shame” out of school, definitely not feeling like the best Mumma in the world.

So, what brought about this change of mood for D?

They’d done some crafting at school and every child in school got a present from Father Christmas this afternoon, D’s was a peg doll crafting kit, which she is really looking forward to doing. Hence the mood transformation.

D’s happy mood wore off a bit late afternoon, she was tired and her injection area was hurting but at least it’s out of the way until Jan 2nd – then it will go monthly.

Tomorrow brings a DVD day at school for T and I’m not sure what D is doing but hopefully it will be calm(ish),

Here’s Glitter’s whereabouts today, she managed to observe proceedings from above a picture:


Thanks for reading, I hope everyone’s day has gone well. Comments/RTs/shares welcomed Jx

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