Were we at the same review meeting?

By | December 17, 2013

A few weeks ago, I blogged about D’s statement review meeting and feeling absolutely blind-sided regarding a question as to whether D would be able to cope in a mainstream secondary school. My original post is here.

Our (mine and Hubbie’s) views at the meeting (and still are) that she has flourished within the smaller class/higher staff number ratio within her SN school and will, hopefully, continue to do so. A transfer to a mainstream secondary school could potentially see her regress, that is if she was able to tolerate the environment at all.

She spent nursery, Reception and the first term of year 1 in mainstream – or rather she didn’t, unable to enter into a busy classroom environment and stuck on the “slow learners” table on the rare occasions she did – before her statement was agreed.

So, when we were asked, we replied that we would like her to remain in her current environment, therefore choosing life skills and happiness over GCSEs.

I was therefore very surprised to receive this note amongst the paperwork:


The inference is plainly that school consider she could not cope (and rightly so) but we were undecided. Not so.

We were all in that meeting room, around that table, but were we listened to? I’m not sure we were.

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