That’s My Girl – Mon 9th Dec 2013

By | December 9, 2013

I’m going to focus on the positives tonight because I need to.

The blooming awful tablets which D has to take twice a day for the next 57 (oh yes, I’m counting!) days are causing immense grief. I try and have a rational discussion with her as to how best for her to take them but then when it comes to it, her anxieties take over and she turns into a banshee-type creature. Items are thrown, people are stomped/shoved and shouts are made. And then the aftermath…

So, glass half full time and forgetting everything above:

D went really well into school today, I really wasn’t sure how she’d be but the smiling face of her TA meant that she was smiling too. Apparently she told all the class about her grisly blood tests and her horrible injection and said that some of the children were shocked by it all. I can imagine D told it all with relish, bless her!

The crunch time would be at the end of the day and as I feared, there was a bolt, but a short-lived one. She’d been upset about something during Science and despite her TA making a jokey remark that D should have said something at the time, it’s clear that she is continuing to bottle up her emotions and feelings throughout the day.

But, it was over quickly and, up until tablet-time, she was a positively happy girl. She’d asked for some galaxy chocolate after school (her absolute favourite) and as we went home, she said “chocolate makes me calm, that’s why I like it”…definitely taking after her Mumma!!

Her teacher has offered to make some posters about missing Bunny and he and D will take them around the classes. I had to email some photos in and D got very upset whilst I was doing that, her upset about Bunny is never far away, always just bubbling under. It’s good that he is willing to do this though and, you never know, it may achieve a result.

Tomorrow is bringing a school Christmas performance, I hope that her few days off poorly last week haven’t affected her too much rehearsal-wise but it should be wonderful and I’m sure tissues will be needed.

I was telling someone about the singing tomorrow and the part I think D is playing (from the little she’s told me), he was amazed. He’s known D from a frightened little girl, unable to cope in mainstream and lashing out. It just gets to show with the right individual support, so much can be achieved.

Like my favourite quote from the (very) inspirational Temple Grandin film:
“Different, not less”.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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