Sun, sand, sea and safety #MarkWarnerMum

By | December 5, 2013

As I think about the content for this post, the light is fading (even though it’s only 2pm GMT) and the wind is blowing quite strongly outside. The cats are keeping a watchful eye on the cat flap as, every so often, a gust of wind blows it open, almost as if we have a ghostly cat trying to get in.

Thoughts turn on days like this to sunnier climates (well, mine do anyway) and just take a look at this image below:


It’s a picture of the Mark Warner resort in Lakitira, Greece and doesn’t it look inviting?

Mark Warner are looking for five #MarkWarnerMums (or Dads) to join their Blogger Family Programme and this is me putting me hand up straight like an eager school pupil and saying “yes please!”.

What can Mark Warner offer us as a family on a holiday?

Well, we are a family of 4, who like to do activities together – here’s one of our Active Family posts – our main criteria is fun and the many activities on offer at Lakitira certainly provide that. Whether it be participating as a family in tennis, water sports or mountain biking, there are plenty of outdoor fresh air activities to enjoy.

We always aim to join in with the Country Kids link every week and it’s an opportunity to get away from tablets and just appreciate the natural beauty of our local area. The thought of linking in a post from this resort would be just wonderful!

As readers will be aware, T and D both have autism, an invisible disability that can cause issues with being out and about, the child care facilities at Lakitira offer special needs care and that would be a great reassurance if we wanted to utilise the child care whilst trying out something new and adventurous. I can imagine Hubbie enjoying the windsurfing and, as for me, the idea of scuba diving and seeing the beautiful world underwater definitely appeals.

I would report back on a fantastic holiday with honesty and integrity and always aim to make for fun reading. We do try and adopt a “glass half full” approach after all.

The last family holiday we had was a long time ago, circumstances and events have prevented me for seeing T and D playing on a beautiful sandy beach and that’s something we’d like to rectify. D, in particular, loves to draw and create mermaid, shell and flower pictures and crafting, she would be in an extremely stimulating environment in Lakitira!

As the title of the blog suggests; a holiday with sun, sand, sea and, above all, safety would be fantastic. I’d love to give these two that opportunity:


This is our entry into the #MarkWarnerMum blogger competition.

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