Something for everyone with Hotel Chocolat’s Mingles and Jingles

By | December 13, 2013


Ooh, who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate at this time of year? Especially high quality chocolate that definitely makes you go “mmmm”.

Hotel Chocolat have a wide range of chocolates and chocolate-related gifts, suitable for all the family and so I was beaming away when a lovely bag of 35 individually wrapped chocolates arrived for us all to review.


The chocolates arrived very securely wrapped in a cotton drawstring bag with silver printing on. Perfect for creating a lucky dip with the goodies.


There were 35 chocolates, all in their individual labelled wrappers and they consisted of:
5 White Chocolate Christmas bells
10 Caramel Milk Chocolate Angels
20 40% Milk Chocolate Penguins

It’s £21 for the bag, which equates to approximately 60p each, this is definitely comparable to chocolate snacks in the supermarket because these chocolates are quite bulky!


The detailing is beautiful too and made me want to nibble and savour, as opposed to eat quickly and then reach for another.

That’s me, I tried a penguin, but what about everyone else?

D also had a penguin and was fascinated by the detail on it, she loved the fact he was wearing a scarf and his belly! She really enjoyed the taste too.

T tried a chocolate angel and really liked it. He mentioned that the caramel inside was quite a small layer but we are talking an individual chocolate and not a toffee, after all.

Hubbie tried the white chocolate bell and I had to quickly point out the vanilla spots on there before… was gone! A definite thumbs-up from him!

Hotel Chocolat all provide a free gift card service with orders, perfect for those people who may be slightly difficult to buy for, but appreciate a little taste of luxury.

Disclaimer: we were sent a bag of Mingles and Jingles for the purpose of this review, our words and views are our own.

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