Rapunzel as retold by D

By | December 4, 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things that D finds incredibly challenging is handwriting. I guess it’s a combination of holding the pencil/pen correctly, spelling, grammar and context for her, something which make this week’s Magic Moment all the more special.

Today’s SSAmazingAchievements with Ethan’s Escapades concerns another aspect of communication, this time utilising her computer skills.

D has retold the story of Rapunzel, in her own little way, with text written by her and drawings via a paint a picture app. The cover is a picture sourced by D via a search engine.

Here it is:

Rapunzel by D


Rapunzel went to a castle. In a helicopter.


She danced with a beast and they kissed.


They turned into fairies. The End.


There’s quite a few fairy tales mish-mashed into a few sentences, but it’s very cute!

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