Ooh Glitter!! Sun 15th Dec 2013

By | December 15, 2013

D was really quite mystified as to how Glitter – our Elf On The Shelf – managed to a) get into position today and b) whether she’d eat any of the Christmas chocolate!


It caused quite a bit of merriment, not least when someone decided they wanted a goodie and had to retrieve it without touching the elf. Hopefully she’ll find somewhere a little less busy tomorrow…

As D’s been on her extremely yucky but necessary tablets for just over a week now, today was a day for a little treat to say “well done”, especially for not spitting them out. D already had an idea as to what she’d like – some glittery nail polish – and wind and rain wasn’t going to deter her from us heading out to find some.

As opposed to getting completely soaked pushing her up there in the buggy, we are bundled into the car. I thought that it would be okay, being a Sunday and being wet, that we’d be okay without her sanctuary of her buggy (something that she’ll jump into if stranger anxieties overtake) as we wouldn’t be very long.

Silly me! I hadn’t banked on the fact that hardened Christmas shoppers are not going to be put off and yes, it was busy. She tolerated (to some extent) it all, but her general stiffened body language and hardened face indicated just how much of a trial she was finding it all. As soon as it was time to go, that was when the stomping and raised voices started, almost as if she had held it in and now felt able to release.

We managed to find her nail varnish though and she is extremely pleased with it:


T’s attitude towards all this was one of glares and scolding, he can be quite the little bossy man at times. It’s difficult for him to see his sister behaving in that way because he knows it isn’t “the done thing” but also lacks the empathy to understand why.

Luckily things were more relaxed once we were home.

This week brings a busy week for them both with end of term activities and, for D, another injection. Something she is not looking forward to already, something that will have to bring with it another glittery/girlie incentive.

But she has Bunny back and that will make things so much easier. She (D) had a lie-in this morning and to see Bunny smiling away on her pillow next to her was lovely. We won’t ever find out where she spent those 8 long days and nights but I’m so so so glad she’s back!!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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