Here’s Glitter! Thurs 12th Dec 2013

By | December 12, 2013

We have a slightly delayed but new addition to the festive season build up:


This is Glitter, our Elf On The Shelf.

D has instantly engaged with the whole concept of the Elf and has really enjoyed reading the accompanying book. She can’t wait to see where Glitter ends up tomorrow.

She did say that she wished the Elf could be around to watch over everyone all year round so I might have to find a little character and use that from after Christmas.

T more or less immediately worked out the finer details behind the Elf and he has agreed not to tell all to his sister.

I’m quite disappointed in T’s school again today. They have let him down over something and it’s an indication that, despite assurances from the Head, they are ignoring the need to know and the literal elements of his autism. It made for a quite tetchy T last night and this morning.

D, in contrast and as expected with the return of Bunny, has had a great day. She went into school very well and her eager little face peeked around the bottom of the stairs before a “Mumma!”, a run-up and a rib-crushing bear hug. Gawd I’ve missed them!

Our outdoor decorations are ..well…outdoors and she got very excited about those too. Spotting the decorations in gardens seems to have replaced the car tax game at the moment.


It was so nice to go in and wake D up this morning and see Bunny smiling away next to her, it’s even (sort of) making D’s tablet taking easier, although it’s still a battle, it doesn’t last as long.


I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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