Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs

By | December 11, 2013

It’s always nice to get the Christmas books out in the run up to Christmas, D will very happily sit and read them as part of her evening routine.


These are just a few that I picked up this morning, but there are more, lurking around.

Her absolute favourite Christmas book for the last couple of years has been this:


Christmas told from a rather grumpy Santa’s viewpoint. It tells of his activities in the run-up to his busy night and then all his trials and tribulations on the night itself, all wonderfully illustrated.


And of course, he finishes all his work just in time and comes home for his Christmas, which he celebrates in his own way!


D loves to read the book aloud with LOTS of expression and it’s very funny to hear my girl speaking in a gruff, grumpy voice as per the film, the voice in the film was provided by the late Mel Smith and he was spot-on.

You can see the entire film here or alternatively the theme song here. Both are firm favourites in our house at the moment.

Well worth a read and a watch.

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