Bunny-less – Day 2 Weds 4th Dec 2013

By | December 4, 2013

Oh dear, there is absolutely no sign of D’s faithful friend and anxiety soother aka Bunny. Here they are in happier times:


D was in her room yesterday saying through tears, “I’ll never forget you, Bunny, you were the best toy ever”.

Last night was long and fraught for D, made worse by her heavy cold.

But, putting a positive spiel on things, it has meant that, rather than my dropping off an angry girl this morning (she is blaming school for Bunny’s loss), I’d had a cuddly, snuffly, tearful girl with me.

I had found a replacement some months ago as I was terrified of this situation happening and we’ve been calling the newbie “Bunny’s sister” and D hasn’t really accepted her yet, much preferring to carry around several larger toys instead today.

School say they’ve looked in the classroom and reception and it’s early days, it may turn up but it’s very hard to watch an almost heartbroken D.

But, like I’ve mentioned, she’s been off and we’ve had distractions like decorating the tree, which she enjoyed for a while.


I know some people may think “it’s just a toy, it was bound to happen” but to D, Bunny provided comfort, soothing qualities and a companion, all in a very portable, handy size. All very important for a little girl who finds the world quite challenging at times.


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