Best of British for boys from Lucas Frank

By | December 23, 2013

Last month I wrote a post about Lucas Frank and their wonderfully made clothes for boys (not girls, just boys).

There were a couple of items on the website that appealed to me, T has sensory issues around clothing and much prefers soft, not scratchy fabrics. Zips can also be an issue and he prefers either pull-on clothes or buttons, I think it’s because buttons are more predictable.

The first item, when we window-shopped online, was this, a really comfortable looking hoodie in a lovely blue colour:


Lucas Frank surprised us with the above hoodie in the post a few days later and T absolutely loves it!


As you can tell from the picture, he’s a very happy chappie with it. It’s been worn and washed (at 40c) with no loss of colour, the 100% cotton material makes for a very snuggly fit and the care and detail to the finish is of a very high quality.


T is 11years old and an athletic build and the 9-10 sizing is just right for him.

Here’s what Lucas Frank say about their “Boy-ish and British” clothes for little men, why not have a look at their site?

“Your little man should have the best possible start in life so we believe in decking him out with the best boys designer clothes. It follows that if he’s well turned-out then he’ll turn out well, but we can’t make any promises. Designer clothes for kids by Lucas frank clothing”

Disclaimer: A follow-up post was not requested but we were grateful to receive the hoodie, it’s fab!

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