A soothing light idea

By | December 31, 2013

We’ve just had a light delivered that I ordered (and paid for) from Argos, I’m really pleased with it and wanted to share the details.


It’s a Laser Sphere colouring changing lamp and produces the following lovely, calming effects:




The lamp is operated by a push button at the front and comes complete with a plug and adaptor.

The top is easily lifted off and although it doesn’t seem to get hot to the touch, it would need to be a light that was admired out of the way of inquisitive fingers, rather than played with. It’s also not adjustable position-wise but the base is angled.

Both T and D were absolutely mesmerised by it and – to save arguments – it’ll be living on our upstairs hall table where the lights will reflect around the walls whilst they’re settling.

I wasn’t sure whether something that seemed so reasonably priced – details here – would look as pretty and calming as items we see in sensory rooms but am really impressed.

I wasn’t asked to promote the light and have paid for it myself but wanted to share the details.

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