A proud beam.. Tues 17th Dec 2013

By | December 17, 2013

I have a little proud beam going on at the moment, even though T and I have just walked back from his school in the rain (and guess who didn’t take a brolly?).

It’s partly because I’ve just come back from the evening performance of T’s Christmas concert and it was lovely! There were poetry readings, instrumentals and singing, lots of festive pop tunes.

I could tell that T wasn’t entirely comfortable in a full hall of parents and, to him, strangers. He doesn’t like to wear wool so the required festive jumper was a festive long sleeved Tshirt for him, with the sleeves rolled up and the woolly scarf and hat I sent in weren’t worn. But he sang, he joined in with the actions and did very well.

The relief for him when it was finished and that there would be no more performances was immense and he let off a bit of steam on the walk back. Rather that than in the hall.

I hadn’t realised that the children learnt all the words to the songs and for the last two songs, there was signing, which was a really nice touch. D would have loved that element but as it was parents/carers only, she was at home with Hubbie.

Which brings me to another element of my little beam: she’s fast asleep in bed, I gave her her melatonin before T and I left and it was down to Hubbie for the evening routine, which all went very well, without them falling out (which can happen if they’re both tired and tetchy).

But mostly it’s this picture:


Taken earlier, both in their separate Minecraft worlds, both laughing with the other about the huge TNT towers they were building and then extinguishing. We haven’t had a moment like that for ages and ages (probably months), it was lovely.

Glitter – our Elf On The Shelf – has been active.

This was her yesterday:


And here she is today, D was pleased at his one because she was on a shelf as the name suggests she should be!


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