A catch-up and a reminder

By | December 21, 2013

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life of autism parenting, structured routines and school runs.

Sometimes I feel that I’m losing my identity a bit, I’m known as “D’s mum” at her school and I wouldn’t change that title for one bit but I’m someone else too.

I got a chance to be that someone else this week, it all seems so long ago now with the challenges and emotions that lay ahead over the next few days but it was very nice at the time.

Hubbie, being a self employed company of one, does not get a Christmas “do” and I, as a carer/first aider/routine enforcer and all-round provider of cuddles, don’t get one either. We decided therefore that we’d have our own “do” one lunchtime.

My only stipulation was “somewhere nice, where there were unlikely to be loads of Christmas parties”, in other words, somewhere where we could enjoy ourselves.

I think Hubbie found it quite taxing, driving around without a precise destination, but we found the ideal place on the Berkshire/Hampshire border. An olde worlde converted pub with a lovely welcoming atmosphere.


For those couple of hours that we were there, we were just us. Not having to consider the dietary requirements of two children with varied sensory issues, not having to wonder if sudden noises would provoke a bolt, we were like any other couple in there enjoying a meal.

Obviously T and D figured in our conversations, as well as laughter and trying to remember – snatched Costa trips aside – when we’d last had a meal like that, just us two.

It’s something that we both enjoyed, something we’ll hopefully do more of 2014, let’s just get through the next few weeks first.

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