A busy start to the week Mon 16th Dec 2013

By | December 16, 2013

It’s been a long day for D and T, hopefully this has been the busiest day of the week and things will be calmer from now on.

We’ve just got back from a carol concert at D’s school, which is always a lot of fun. The local brass band provide the music and the conductor is not afraid to call a halt and start again if anyone isn’t singing loud enough, which is all very interactive, but when you have one child nearly falling asleep (T – same as last year) and one protesting (D) because it’s late and she wants to go home, it’s not so.

But…we stayed until the end and 3 out of 4 of us enjoyed it and sang along. T even jangled a tambourine along to some of the songs.

D absolutely loved the concert last year so it was a shame she didn’t enjoy tonight. She was part of the school choir for two songs and, despite initial reluctance, she did go onto the stage but her body language indicated that she’d rather be anywhere else.

I’m not surprised though. D’s class had an end-of-term bowling and happy meal trip, which no doubt brought its own sensory and stranger anxiety issues.

T had the first of his Christmas performances today, the second one being an evening one tomorrow.

But we’re one day closer to the end of term, which will be welcomed.

My Music Monday today was going to be a festive cheesy song, but having sung the song tonight that D performed last year, here was her 2012 performance:

I hope everyone’s day has gone well x

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