A balloon and a Bunny Tues 3rd Dec 2013

By | December 3, 2013

I have a very sad girl tonight, a very sad snuffly girl with a little red nose full of cold. A very sad girl missing her favourite toy:


Bunny, her constant companion and comforter.

I think she’s been left at school. When I arrived to collect D, because she was already waiting in reception and therefore I wasn’t in my usual place, she ran off behind the enormous Christmas tree in reception. She took a bit of persuading to come out and that’s when I think Bunny must have been dropped.

Once we were out of the grounds and realised we didn’t have Bunny, D flatly refused to go back into the building (that need for routine element) and so we began a cuddly journey to collect T, me half-hoping that Bunny would be waiting for us at home, wishing even.

I phoned school and because all D’s teachers had already gone, the person who went to look didn’t really have an idea of what she was looking for and all I got advised was to “write it in the diary”.

Although there are plenty of cuddly alternatives, D is full of cold, tearful and missing her little friend.

The one thing that’s made her smile after school and was a real “awwww” moment was this:


One of D’s (boy) friends dashed up to her as we were going into school this morning and gave it to her. He had wanted to give it to her inflated but fortunately was persuaded not to. He knows her favourite colour is red and the heart shape….awwwww!

Some of the children in D’s school are so lovely with their empathy and consideration for others, they all have their “moments” and can switch from considerate to meltdown in the blink of an eye, but moments like this morning are really wonderful. She has quite a few “boyfriends” and I think a few have earmarked her for marriage later on, bless her.

But right now, my priority is D. My little snuffly girl who is missing her bunny. Fingers/toes/knees everything crossed for a reunion tomorrow.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx

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