12 days of Christmas Bluecrisps-style Fri 27th Dec 2013

By | December 27, 2013

Well, “and so this is Christmas, and what have we done?” springs to mind.

Isn’t it a shame how the festive tunes disappear from the music channels instantly? Replaced by various charts for the year/decade/girls/boys/groups etc.

What have we been doing in our little blog break? The answer, as I mentioned in my Reasons To Be Cheerful post yesterday is reflecting, thinking, laughing and crying. Hopefully keeping things ticking over for T and D. I think we’ve been extremely grateful for the structure that life with autism requires, it has stopped us meandering off into melancholy.

I decided that our Christmas could be summed up “12 days of Christmas” style (singing voices ready!):

12 chocolate coins
11 roasted parsnips
10 numbers quietly counted
9 laughs and memories
8 Colin the caterpillar legs
7 days since school term ended
6 busted fence panels (grr)
5 swipes from Itsey
4 snuggly onesies
3 Costa mochas
2 up and down children
And a great big Stripey Bunny

12. Chocolate coins are a must in Christmas stockings, along with a satsuma and some other goodies. D’s stocking has sleigh bells on it, noisy little bells, so the filling and placing was done very carefully!

11. Love roasted parsnips, so yummy.

10. Numbers quietly counted. There were a few “moments” for D, it’s understandable. She had been so tired by the end of term and then she went head-long into Christmas excitement. There have also been plenty of “give me a tight-tight-tight squeeze” so she’s been attempting to self-regulate too.

9. Laughs and memories. We have attempted to laugh more than cry and it’s kind of 60/40.

8. Colin The Caterpillar legs. None of us really like Christmas cake so we opted for a festive chocolate cake from M&S, Colin The Caterpillar in his little red hat.

7. Days since school ended. It feels like longer but I know that the next week will fly by and then we’ll be preparing for and managing back-to-school anxieties.

6. Busted fence panels and yes, it’s definitely a grrr!! The gusty winds have done their bit and we are lucky that it’s not worse but 6 panels and posts need replacing. T has been especially worried because next door is a fierce dog with sharp teeth, he’s been terrified for our cats. It’s all patched up until we can get someone in but there are people who haven’t escaped so lightly.

5. Speaking of cats…Itsey hasn’t coped with all the excitement. She will sit on her perch, paw twitching and swipe at anyone going past, today it’s been me.

4. Snuggly onesies. We had our onesie Christmas.

T was a red Bunny, Hubbie had an Aztec-type print, T was an Angry Bird and I was a Reindeer!


Perfect for snuggly moments, slightly warm for cooking in.

3. Costa Mochas. I didn’t sleep very well last night, due to the gusts and our fence (or lack of it), Hubbie whizzed to the shops and brought me back a takeaway. I’m a lucky J.

2. Up and down children. They were bound to be, tiredness and, in T’s case, sadness have played their part. I think they’ve had a good time on the whole. One thing we all enjoyed (until D got cross about paying “rent”) was Monopoly, very good for encouraging turn-taking and the fact that things don’t always go your way. T was his usual über-competitive self, as anticipated.

And a great big Stripey Bunny!



Mega Bunny, D’s face when she realised how big it was was amazing. She (for she IS a she, apparently) has been called Stripey. D loves the fact she can land on her, Stripey is soft and they can give each other cuddles. She’s unlikely to get mislaid either!!

So, that’s us. How’s everyone else been? Comments/RTs/shares welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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