Singing Into My Hairbrush #Prose4T

By | November 21, 2013

Sometimes a piece of music can just transport you back, like a proverbial time machine.

The music I’ve included at the end of today’s #Prose4T did just that. The words will, I hope explain:

Singing Into My Hairbrush #Prose4T

Singing into my hairbrush, imagining I’m a star.

The bright lights and the music, I’ve dreams, I’m sure I’ll go far.

Closing my eyes now, imagining the cheers.

Dressed up, make up on, looking older than my years.

Singing with my idol, he turns and gives a smile.

We sing together in perfect pitch. Wow! He has a way with style.

And then the door opens. Light switched on, I’m back down to earth with a bump.

"Stop that singing! I’m trying to work!" Dream over, I slide onto my bed and slump.

Until next time the track comes on, I’m back to my studies and books.

How do these singers get their big breaks? It’s all about being in the right place and the "look".

Fast forward a few (?!) years and the song shuffles onto my phone, I’m transported immediately back.

I might be on the school run, but in my mind, I’m that teenager. Singing along in the dark to that track.

Teenage dreams eh?

This post is made all the more poignant after reading the #Prose4T entry here Izzy Dix, a young girl who (no doubt) had so many similar teenage dreams and aspirations, driven by senseless bullying to take her own life.

Here is the link to the online petition:

And here’s the song I used to (and still do sometimes) warble along to:

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maddy@writingbubble on 21st November 2013 at 5:59 pm.

Ah, teenage dreams! Music can transport me through time very easily too!


Stephanie on 21st November 2013 at 6:20 pm.

Ah I used to do this! We taped the hairbrush to the hoover to make a stand too, sang along to Madonna. Ah those were the days!


BlueBeretMum on 21st November 2013 at 6:35 pm.

Hairbrush was my prop of choice too when I practised being a super popstar!


Verily Victoria Vocalises on 27th November 2013 at 3:49 pm.

Brilliant! This is exactly what I used to do too!! 🙂 Thanks for dedicating your post to Izzie and thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x


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