Delving.. Tues 19th Nov 2013

By | November 19, 2013

After the realisation yesterday that T’s school appear to be ignoring his autism diagnosis, post here: has been a day of phone calls. I wanted to find out from the department in the Council that deals with education what they thought about the situation, their advice and how to remedy it. T still has 8 months left of his last school year with them, after all.

It would have been easier to rectify if he had a statement (of educational needs), but he doesn’t.

I’ve gone from feeling furious to feeling extremely let down on T’s behalf. We moved him to that school two years ago because he wasn’t being stretched academically at his previous one. There were promises of work that would challenge his very active and enquiring brain, these have been met, but at the cost of ignoring his high functioning emotional requirements.

I have composed a letter, including advice from the SEN department at the Council and hopefully that will help.

The one positive thing to come out of today is further feedback on how well the SEN department at the preferred secondary school functions. Very open, very transparent methods. Exactly what is needed.

We haven’t told T what’s happening, he doesn’t need to worry about it and he’ll only resent the people who he’s meant to be learning from. I can worry and "roar" for him.

Delving.. Tues 19th Nov 2013

In other news…how has our day gone (apart from the above)?

Aside from T being extremely Stubborn (note the capital "S") this morning, the school run went well.

It was a different matter this afternoon, D was a very unhappy girl because she couldn’t find Bunny. This Bunny, her totally constant companion and anxiety soother:

Delving.. Tues 19th Nov 2013

We (I) searched through her school bags numerous times (and then again) just in case she miraculously appeared, the staff searched the classroom, all to no avail. We had a stomp-filled journey home with me wondering if the Bunny-substitutes I’d bought would work for the evening (in case, another child had taken the Bunnster home by mistake).

Having collected an extremely un-empathetic T, it was a huuuuuuge relief to find Bunny, in D’s room, having had an extremely lazy day. D had gone upstairs for something just before we’d left this morning and must have put Bunny down and then we’d had to dash off to school. Oh, the relief!

Obviously the other issues aren’t yet solved (T’s school) but the evening and night would have gone a very different way if Bunny had still been missing.

Tomorrow will bring a museum trip for D’s class – coincidentally T’s class are going there on Thursday (!) but both viewing different exhibits – and then badminton after school for her, whilst T and I will have our cosy cafe drink and football stats chat. Maybe I’ll get a bit further with his school too.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Delving.. Tues 19th Nov 2013
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